A 7-day inception cohort study


To describe the incidence and severity of GI bleeding in adult critically ill patients in the ICU, and to describe current practice of SUP.



The incidence of GI bleeding is low, and current practice of SUP in the ICU is based on locale preferences (low/very low level of evidence). 



A 7-day inception cohort study.



ICUs in Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Australia and New Zealand (50 sites).  



Adult critically ill patients in the ICU.



Demographic, clinical, and prognostic variables.


Outcome measures

90-day mortality and GI bleeding.



Proportions and percent. Crude and adjusted relative risks (RRs) with 95% confidence intervals (CIs). Statistical Analysis Plan


Sample size

With an estimated incidence of GI bleeding in the ICU of 2-4%, α=0.05, and β=0.2, inclusion of 1.000 patients is needed.


Registration and approval

The manuscript will be prepared according to the STROBE statement, and reported to the National Data Protection Agencies.



Manuscript accepted; awaiting publication.